The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

Honest Discussion and Accurate Information
About Alcohol & Other Drugs
Are Powerful Antidotes To the Toxic Effects of Addiction


NCADD’s prevention programs are designed to help parents, educators and community leaders reduce risk factors and implement protective strategies related to substance use and abuse in the Sacramento region.

We help our community identify problems associated with alcohol and other drugs. We help them implement proven strategies to reduce the risks and enhance positive outcomes. We address the importance of early education and intervention. Addressing all forms of drug use and abuse is key to success. Families are educated, schools supported and community programs implemented continuous basis.

Here is how we do it:

Strengthening Families prevention program serves hundreds of local families that are at-risk. We take a proactive approach in educating all members of each family as to their choices around managing drug and alcohol issues that inevitably arise as children grow up.  Learn more..

Kernels is a behavioral vaccine program that introduces simple to understand, cost-effective tools that reduce the incidences of alcohol and drug use in youth. NCADD will go off site to local apartment complexes where we would expect to see high rates of substance use and abuse. We’ll educate the parents, community leaders and housing managers on how to identify and intervene to increase safety for all.  Read more about our latest Prevention Kernels initiative.

Faith-Based Outreach is a new effort to engage with organizations already hosting alcohol and drug related programs. Many churches have well-organized teams of volunteers that we can work with to increase the effectiveness of all our efforts.  Learn about NCADD’s Strengthening Christian Families™ program and Faith-based Prevention Toolkit Training.

We look to align ourselves with other non-English speaking and non-traditional partners to create a safety net of support for alcohol and drug related issues in the Sacramento region.