How I Recovered From Alcoholism? Long Story Of My Life

My name is James, I am from Bloomington, IL. And I will tell you my story of treating alcohol addiction. All alcoholics undergo 3 stages in the alcohol addiction: first, alcohol is your friend (people without addiction can be at this stage all their lives), then an enemy, then a master. I don’t know who said it, but the idea read more

Is It Worth Getting a Loan for Treating Alcohol Dependence?

Experts believe that it is worth taking a loan in two cases. Firstly, if life and health (of one’s own or loved ones) depend on it. For example, you urgently need expensive alcohol dependence treatment. Secondly, for any global purchase, such as an apartment. But only if the market is conducive to this and the purchase is not spontaneous but read more

Harmful Effects of Alcohol on the Body

Alcohol is a poison that kills cells. Ethanol is concentrated in the liver and brain, therefore, the cells in these organs are damaged first. The concentration of ethanol, sufficient to kill brain cells, is created after taking more than 20 ml of alcohol in men and more than 10 ml in women. Alcohol is a mutagen Mutant cells of the read more

Which is Worse for Kids – Alcohol or Marijuana?

We recently found a thought-provoking article regarding the impact of alcohol and marijuana on kids. The article is written by a pediatrician who is often asked about the different impacts of the two substances on his patients. Which would he rather his children use – alcohol or marijuana? Of course his first answer was “neither”.  But then he revealed his findings read more